Four reasons to upgrade your gutters

If you have been living in your home for many years, it may be time to make a few changes to your exterior. You want to be sure your home is strong enough to resist debris, pests and extreme weather. You can start by contacting a gutter installation Portland Oregon company. Here are four reasons to upgrade your gutters.

  1. Strong Gutters Protect Your Home

Gutters are designed to prevent water from entering your home. If your gutters are worn or outdated, they may not work properly and cause basement flooding. Your gutters also protect your home from buildup due to frozen precipitation, which comes from snow, sleet and ice. The gutters keep the precipitation from leaking into your home or causing structural damage to your exterior.

  1. Working Gutters Provide Pest Control

If your gutters are not draining properly, the standing water attracts pests such as mosquitoes. You can think of your gutters as a breeding ground for these pests, and it is no secret that mosquitoes make it hard to enjoy the warmer seasons. The best way to prevent your exterior from becoming a home for mosquitoes is to upgrade to new gutters.

  1. Keeps You Dry When Entering Your Home

Worn out gutters do not prevent water from rushing over the edge of your roof. This creates a downpour that causes you to get wet when entering your porch and home. If you want to avoid getting soaked when entering your home during a storm, be sure to upgrade to properly working gutters.

  1. The Gutters Create A Cleaner Exterior

What happens when water pours off your roof and hits the ground? It causes mud and debris to splash against your home, which is not an attractive look for your siding. When you upgrade your gutters, you are preventing the splashes that cause a mess around your exterior.

It is best to have a professional construction company install your new gutters before your next round of extreme weather. When you upgrade your gutters, you are protecting your interior and exterior for years to come.