Over scribing and why it is crucial when building your log cabin

Scribing will be the technique utilized by handcrafted log home builders to join the alternating courses of logs together. The scriber itself is a protractor with a stylus at one end plus a pen or pencil at the other as well as a bubble level perpendicular to the arms.

The scriber transfers the contours of the lower log towards the log above with the pen. The builder then has got to cut the groove or lateral and the notch, carefully following the pencil line first having a chainsaw then which has a fine chisel. Once remove and in place, the top log fits tightly to the lower log along this “scribe” line.

This is great should your wood is perfect will always shrink in diameter until they have got reached the equilibrium moisture content from the surrounding atmosphere. Log shrinkage, as well as the consequences to log building, will be addressed within our next tuned! So the real question is… exactly how should we deal with this inevitable shrinkage inside log…

The answer is Over Scribing. Over scribing is a method that is adopted and recommending with the International Log Home Builders Association for Handcrafted log construction. It where maybe the only proven approach to making certain the joint between the logs stays tight during log seasoning. The concept is very easy as well as the notch be scribed at one set along with the lateral groove be scribed in a slightly larger setting. This helps to ensure that because log shrinks in diameter the notch will stay tight and make sure structural integrity. If you have ever seen a classic log home (or one built not using over scribe) you almost certainly noticed that the lateral groove was tight but there are gaps between the logs in the notches. Over scribing eliminates this issue.

The impetus is you the purchaser to make sure that your builder of preference uses this and also other “best practices” when constructing your log home. Some builders refuse to utilize this method because of the more time it requires to implement. If your builder will not freely disclose that they’re like this you then should consider going elsewhere. The last thing you desire could be the wind blowing using your log house as your builder refused to around scribe.

The bottom line is that more than scribing is the only method that has been found to counteract the difficulties connected with log shrinkage and the implications for log construction. There have been many variations on this method over the years but none are as elegant and of the same quality old over scribing!