Smart modern decor for cold months

Preparing your home decor for fall is an important part of beating out the dreaded winter blues. If done properly, some of your autumn design inspirations may even carry on to the colder months. Modern design is about utility meets flexibility, so keep an open mind this season to get the most out of your investments. Focusing on creating warmth and interactivity is a great way to start the seasons that we spend mostly indoors. Ramp up your sense of creativity and get ready to turn a sleek modern home into a comfortable space for the seasons.

Smart Colors for the Season

White decor gets it’s time to shine in the fall and winter. Several palette routes may be taken depending on the feel of the existing furnishings. For a bright look, whites and light blues can bring out a simple monochromatic scheme. To really warm things up in a more organic setting try using shades of creams, crimsons, or browns that will transfer wonderfully from fall to winter. Keeping it cozy and contemporary is the goal here- we want to be comfy as we wait for spring to arrive.

Layering Textiles

Textiles can be utilized to add texture, character, and very literal warmth to a room. Throw pillows and blankets can be layered in warm or neutral tones to bring out the best of wooden furniture. There is much more to the holidays than fall leaves and winter pines. Natural textiles can accent any palette without interfering with the functionality of the furniture it adorns. Linens may be used in the kitchen and bathrooms can be decorated with bountiful fluffy towels. Anything that can be done to bring a literal or mental feeling of warmth and comfort accomplishes the goal.

Accessorizing to Suit the Mood

The colder months are a great opportunity for one to bond and interact closely with others or their very own surroundings. Being cooped up inside has its benefits: time to fantasize and be creative. Set the mood for the communication of space and being by creating physical relationships between the objects in the room. It can be great to move furniture closer together. It can be done well by reducing the amount of clutter that makes a small place feel even smaller.

Festive bursts of decor may be applied to surfaces or hung from walls, but sparingly! The use of soft materials and eye-catching designs can compensate for the lack of visual clutter, instead of warming up space with neutral tones and pleasing textures. Use nature as an example: soft piles of autumn leaves and then luxurious fresh snow. The idea is to go very soft and organic which can still be complimentary to even the most modern designs.

Functionality, clarity, and innovation shouldn’t be sacrificed in an attempt to “dress” your home for the chilly seasons. Being prepared with functional accessories and smart organization can prevent the winter accumulations of mismatched blankets that inevitably appear following cozy midnight reads. Forget conventional and think warm, modern decor for our “hibernating” seasons.