The house is just about ready

Of course there is a lot of work to do still, but it is really stuff that is not that big of a deal. The shutters need to be replaced, someone must have tried to make their own and they just do not match. The yard is a mess too, there is not any grass and it needs to be leveled too. I am not going to worry about that. I had to fix the wiring first. This is an old house. It was built in early part of the 1970’s and I wonder if they paid off the electrical inspector back then. I only bought the place because I knew that I could do that myself. If I had to pay someone else to do it, then the price I paid would have been too much. All of the wiring is aluminum too, so a lot of it has crystallized near the lights and such. Any place that it gets hot it is likely to do that. I did all of that before I moved in.

Then I stored all of my stuff I could in the extra bedroom and I started to renovate both of the bathrooms. Once I had that done I fixed up the main bedroom and moved in there. It was a long process. After that I did something of a renovation in the kitchen. I did not think that it was so bad though. I had a place to stay and it took up all of my time so that I did not have any time to think about Jenny. She is gone of course, so there is not any point in being obsessed any way. I think I might have a new girlfriend if I work it right, but she is not showing her hand yet.